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Nasomatto – Black Afghano


Black Afgano Nasomatto is a persistent perfume with strong notes. Intended for strong characters, the extrait de parfum stands out for its intensity.

  • Type: Extrait de Parfum.
  • Olfactory Family: woody aromas
  • Men’s perfume


Suite a Parfum Nasomatto
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Nasomatto Profumi – Black Afgano

Suite à Parfum – Official Reseller

  • Format – 30ml
  • Country – Italy

Black Afgano Nasomatto, the niche perfume that captivates

That Black Afgano amazes is a certainty, that it remains etched in the mind is a guarantee. Alessandro Gualtieri does not disappoint the followers who are increasingly keen and curious to know the new 2020 fragrances.

Eccentric, mysterious, pulsating and artistic: this and much more is Black Afgano Nasomatto that captures with its ostentation and its exclusive aromas. In short, we can really say it, the line of perfumes is ideal for her and him who never have to ask, as some would say! The frankincense-scented spray harks back to the finest quality hash with its dark and dangerous notes. The color to associate with the Alessandro Gualtieri perfume is undoubtedly the total black that lets go to the abysses of thought, to the most hidden, darkest ideas.

Black Afgano, the Nasomatto extrait de parfum

Black Afgano Nasomatto is not classified as an eau de parfum but as an extrait de parfum. Do you know the difference between the two terms?
When we talk about extrait de parfum , it means that, from a technical point of view, the percentage of alcohol and perfumed oil present in the product is between 25% and 45%. This is the case of Black Afgano which has a decidedly more intense perfume than many others and of high quality. If, on the other hand, we refer to eau de parfum, we are around 20% of perfumed oil. One thing is certain: the high concentration of aromas in Black Afgano will fascinate you to the point of not wanting to do without it anymore, making you addict!

The Olfactory Pyramid

  • Top Notes: Cannabis, Green Notes, Resins.
  • Heart Notes: Woody Notes, Coffee.
  • Base notes: Tobacco, Incense, Oud.

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Suite a Parfum Nasomatto Profumi: Fragranze Peccaminose I profumi Nasomatto sono anticonvenzionali in tutto, dal packaging alle fragranze ricercate. Leader nella profumeria artistica di lusso grazie ai suoi contrasti aromatici e alle sue sfumature fuori dal comune.
Suite a Parfum Nasomatto


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