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Orto Parisi – Terroni


Orto Parisi Terroni represents the latest masterpiece created by Alessandro Gualtieri in 2017. Last only in terms of birth, as it represents the best seller of the Orto Parisi line. The volcanic fragrance has taken its creator to the stars thanks to the oriental and bold notes.

  • Type: Eau de Parfum.
  • Olfactory Family: musky aromas
  • Unisex perfume , for him and for her.


Suite a Parfum Orto Parisi
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Orto Parisi Profumi – Terroni

Suite à Parfum – Official Reseller

  • Format – 50ml
  • Country – Italy

Orto Parisi Terroni, bestseller of artistic perfumery

Terroni is a scent of the south , intense, perfect for both her and him . The luxury fragrance with musky aromas recalls volcanoes, Vesuvius par excellence. Among the big brands, Terroni di Orto Parisi stands out for its exclusive essences dominated by an incandescent character as well as Vesuvian lava.

The important fragrance brings warm and persistent notes to the nose for a long-lasting sensation.
The Earth belongs to the woman but also to the man who exudes vitality like the fertile fields around Vesuvius.

A unique eau de toilette, as refined as it is in character, the unisex perfume can only arouse emotions. Passion, spices, musky wood are constant in the selection of the must signed Alessandro Gualtieri: we are talking about unique ingredients in the world of Italian perfumery.

Just as the sun caresses the Vesuvian land , this fragrance caresses your skin as strongly as it is imperceptible. The beauty of nature combined with the power of volcanic lava make anyone who wears the made in south eau de parfum fascinating to say the least. Love for one’s land, magnetism, warmth make Orto Parisi Terroni a unique product in the fragrance market. It is no coincidence that Terroni is a must in perfumery.

The Olfactory Pyramid

  • Top notes : Cashmere wood, Cotton candy.
  • Heart notes: Patchouli, Cipriol.
  • Base Notes: Musk, Oud.

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Orto Parisi

Orto Parisi è una collezione di profumi di nicchia di Alessandro Gualtieri che predilige gli aromi del Mediterraneo e che il maitre parfumeur ha dedicato al nonno Vincenzo e al suo orto.
Suite a Parfum Orto Parisi


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