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Orto Parisi – Cuoium


Cuoium is the latest fragrance by Orto Parisi. A persistent and original perfume. Dedicated to Vincenzo Parisi, the perfume portrays his destiny with a leather heart, a fresh overture and a crazy sillage.

  • Main notes: Accord of ozonated notes, mineral notes, ambergris, leather notes.
  • Nose: Alessandro Gualtieri.
  • Type: Extrait de Parfum.
  • Unisex perfume, for him and for her
  • Olfactory family: leather


Suite a Parfum Orto Parisi
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Orto Parisi Profumi – Cuoium

Suite à Parfum – Official Reseller

  • Format – 50ml
  • Country – Italy

Cuoium, a scent of leather between tradition and innovation

Orto Parisi Cuoium is a fragrance that demonstrates love and respect for the legacy of the skin. It represents the vision of a modern world that stays in touch with its traditions by treasuring its origins, but at the same time lives with a fascinating aura of mystery.

Cuoium, the originality of the pack

Vincenzo Parisi at the beginning of his youth became a shoemaker, and the first pair of shoes of his work has survived to this day. After wearing out externally, she retained the soul and warmth of the master’s hands. Cuoium is in fact characterized by a leather upholstery with carved logo. The cap is in rusty metal with the tool that shoemakers used to make shoes imprinted on.


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Orto Parisi

Orto Parisi è una collezione di profumi di nicchia di Alessandro Gualtieri che predilige gli aromi del Mediterraneo e che il maitre parfumeur ha dedicato al nonno Vincenzo e al suo orto.
Suite a Parfum Orto Parisi


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