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Meo Fusciuni – Luce


Luce by Meo Fusciuni. Strong notes that inspire stability and balance: not only patchouli and sandalwood in this combination of woods and material essences that appeal to lovers of comfortable, warm notes, which are not lacking in sensuality. Beautiful worn by both men and women .

  • Type: Eau de Parfum.
  • Olfactory Family: woody, balsamic
  • Unisex perfume


Suite a Parfum Meo Fusciuni
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Meo Fusciuni Profumi – Luce

Suite à Parfum – Official Reseller

  • Format – 100ml
  • Country – Italy

Meo Fusciuni Luce Parfum perfume 100 ml

Luce by Meo Fusciuni is a niche perfume . “Notturno was born from poetry, from the need to re-read the past, from a desire for love, for intimate research. The notes that created it upset my way of experiencing a perfume, of feeling an emotion; the contrast, the hardness of the truth, of our life. The night was its frame and the incessant, nocturnal rush of the soul its space. A year later he was born Luce , its natural contrast, the need for balance, for stable self-awareness. The journey has reached its point, its threshold. ” It is with these words that Meo Fusciuni presents Luce , the new perfume with which Giuseppe Imprezzabile closes the cycle of Poetics that began with Notturno. Luce is a work that confirms the ability of its young author to transform poetry into perfume and simplicity in depth. Its intensity reveals compositional sensitivity that elevates Meo Fusciuni to a poet of perfumes, distinguishing him from the creators of his generation, increasingly entangled in artistic delusions that have little to do with perfume art. Essentiality and sincerity are the elements that characterize the creations of Meo Fusciuni, who likes to define himself as an aromatic rather than a composer of perfumes, underlining his nature as an artisan, creator of sincere perfumes, born from the memory of a young man who in his life is formerly an anthropologist, chemist, herbalist, theater actor, composer of experimental music and today an alchemist and researcher of olfactory vision. Unlike Notturno, a work created by the darkness of the night, Luce is born from an introspective journey that begins with the beginning of a new day , when nature has not fully awakened, the air is still humid, everything is stasis, silence and the human gaze is amazed at dawn. From the beginning, Luce by Meo Fusciun i reveals itself as a perfume that expresses serenity and balance as if the journey undertaken with Notturno has found its solution, its purpose. The heart is made up of notes of sandalwood, tobacco leaves and a very round patchouli, far from the usual olfactory edges of most of the patchouli that we are used to hearing, finally finding fulfillment in the basic, sweet and delicate notes of amber, vanilla and benzoin. It is an architecture of purity and brightness that supports the olfactory pyramid of Light, which really expresses a feeling of profound serenity. Now the poet has regained his energy and can start writing again.

The Olfactory Pyramid

  • Top note: leather, cedar leaves, birch leaves
  • Middle note: sandalwood, patchouli, tobacco
  • Base note: amber, vanilla, benzoin

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Meo Fusciuni

MEO FUSCIUNI parfums, filosofia e poetica olfattiva nasce nel 2010 come progetto di ricerca olfattiva, con la visione di una profumeria artistica che possa raccontare viaggi, pensieri ed emozioni attraverso una collezione di profumi unici. Ogni particolare del lavoro nasce da una filiera controllata in ogni dettaglio, con l’orgoglio di poter affermare il Made in Italy: dal pensiero, alla creazione, dalla produzione, al packaging. Tutti i profumi sono creati con materie prime naturali e di sintesi di altissima qualità, provenienti dal mondo, grazie alla consolidata collaborazione con case essenziere che hanno fatto la storia del profumo e delle materie. Nell’atelier di Meo Fusciuni si crea l’alchimia, nasce il profumo, tra estetica e ricerca olfattiva, tra poetica e botanica, con il desiderio di parlare al cuore delle persone, raccontando il cammino e le esperienze di vita, nella profonda convinzione che l’essenza della profumeria artistica vive nella ricerca poetica e nell’anima delle materie prime e attraversa vite e mondi grazie a chi la porta con sé.
Suite a Parfum Meo Fusciuni


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